White Supremacy is our present reality. Human Rights is our collective dream.

This Black Business Turns Empathy For Others Into Empathy For You.

Is the movement for Black opportunity running out of steam?

Building Skills in Empathy For Liberation of Self and the Collective

Photo by Kindred Hues Photography on Unsplash

Creating space for playfulness with past versions of myself.

Empathy and The Battle For Freedom

“Freedom is in our reach when we return to values, purpose and community with consistency.”

Is violence an option when fighting for safety and love?

Photo by Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

How Empathy Can Help Continue The Movement Sparked By The Murder of George Floyd.

© Curiosity Lab, Photo Credit: Rasmus Kongsgaard

COVID, Cops, Companies, and Companions. What’s it Take to Feel Comfortable to Trust?

© Curiosity Lab, Photo Credit: Caroline Bel-Kher

From those with financial abundance to those struggling with financial insecurity, taking care of our mental health requires rest.

© Curiosity Lab, Photo Credit: Ethan J Schalekamp

Michael A. Tennant

Creative marketing strategist, writer, and empathy advocate reframing trauma as acts of resilience. Inventor of Actually Curious, the deep connection card game.

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