White Supremacy is our present reality. Human Rights is our collective dream.

#STOPASIANHATE — A horrific and heartbreaking surge in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) is happening across the US. Too often, these attacks are ignored and underreported.

We must amplify AAPI voices and find ways to uplift, empower, and protect the AAPI community, so I’ve written this poem to help raise awareness for the Support the AAPI Community Fund which aims to address the urgent issues that face the AAPI community as well as broader, systemic problems. Donations received through the Fund, GoFundMe.org …

From those with financial abundance to those struggling with financial insecurity, taking care of our mental health requires rest.

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It’s Monday morning and though I took time for myself on Sunday, I feel the residual reminders of stress dancing inside my shoulder blades and beneath my neck. As I write these words and breath deeply, I get a hint of relief, but I also know to listen to the message my body is sending.

Today, because the movement to spread empathy has gathered such momentum, I’m tempted to do more and more. As I slow down, I’m realizing, I am on the verge of violating the words that I preach. …

Turning discussion on mental health and trauma into bonding with our mothers.

Mom and me in Jamaica sometime in the 80s

Few things are universally true about shared humanity as all life originating from the feminine.

Our relationships to mothers, unite us. Though we seldom give this beautiful truth deep thought, I receive great lessons in empathy when I do.

Our relationships with our mothers shape us. Can it also be that our relationships with ourselves help shape our mothers?

I honor the great privilege that I grew up with a strong, loving, and supportive mother and father.

With my father surviving a brush with life a few years…

What are you working through? I bet you’ll find out that you are not alone.

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(This essay is written for the NAMI: National Association for Mental Illness #notalone mental health stigma reduction campaign. The stigma attached to mental illness, it’s often hard for those struggling and their families and friends to talk about. Hearing and reading the stories of others helps.)

Sometimes, when you’re doing well in life, you can hide the fact that you’re hurting. Even from yourself. If this resonates for you, know you are not alone.

At this moment, as we kick off mental health awareness month, I am grateful for my emotional strength and security. But I’d be a fraud to pretend I’ve always been this way.

When I sit to reflect with compassion, I recall the decade-plus of impulsive and risky behavior, the deep and loving relationships that…

Acknowledging my biases unlocked new ways to give my support to environmental justice.

My question today is, is sustainable consumption and environmental justice economically and culturally ableist?

As a young man, I was preoccupied with making my parents proud and justified for their sacrifices. I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, pay off debt, fall in love, accumulate wealth, find fulfillment, and begin to give back to the community and environment after.

As I sat to think about the intersection of empathy and environmental justice, I met a creative block.

Most of my thoughts on environmental justice have been on how to shift greater focus from changing individual behavior to advocacy for forcing…

Physical and psychological safety are the foundations of trust-building.

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Why am I fascinated with fear and safety?

I write for the black, the brown the yellow, and everyone in between. The queer and the straight. The able and less than fully able, but capable of more than most give them credit. The curious humans of all genders, sizes, ability and economic status who are willing to fight for the safety and freedom to improve themselves, and use their influence to spread well-being to the world around them.

For these people, I hope to inspire the exploration necessary to deepen their resilience so that they may find grace and compassion…

Today, my personal mission statement is: “I am in my power when I use my freedom and empathy to spread well-being and happiness.”

Visit www.valuesexercise.com to discover your values and mission statement.

This morning, while preparing to share with the world our latest creation, the prototype of valuesexercise.com, I decided to take a look back through my journals.

A little less than a year ago, on April 16th, I wrote these words in my journal.

“Feeling sadness. Feeling flooded. Feeling out of control and out of my environment. I am running out of money. My plans for Actually Curious are getting more precarious. I probably need to find a job. My parents mean well, but I am having a hard time co-existing with them. How do I make them feel seen while…

Christianity’s Influences on Values and Behavior, and how to Assess Your Purpose and Make Intentional Choices

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As a child, my family and I celebrated Easter every year. My Jamaican American family did things with our own twist. Instead of Easter eggs and bunny rabbits, we had Easter Bun and duck bread. Thinking back through my experiences with Easter, I find memories of family, childhood, community, and joy. Values and emotions that brought our community together.

I haven’t celebrated Easter in some time. …

How self-guided practices can help you decipher your emotional state and your inner voice.

© Curiosity Lab, Photo Credit: Ethan J Schalekamp

April will make it three years since I made the choice to venture into “men’s work”. A term that’s been popularized by organizations like Evryman, focused on helping men to connect with themselves and to one another, to aid growth, learning, and the spread of tools for supporting other men.

Men’s work has been my weekly workout for self and community

Men’s work has been my weekly workout for self and community awareness, and the inspiration behind many of the Actually Curious Empathy Workout exercises.

“We teach people about the different forms of empathy and how awareness of it can be applied to yourself and to others; to understand your own…

Community, Culture, and Connection in a Cute Little Package

Andrew Matus Collage, Curious Publishing, 2020

Shout out to all my zine publishers, building community, curating dope words, and thought-provoking art while trying to raise some money to save Mother Earth. It’s all good baby-baby.

I borrow the word structure of one of the best MCs of my youth, as I take a time machine back. The perspective, the curiosity, just a few reasons why I love Zines.

As serendipity might have it, the movement to spread empathy and card game Actually Curious has brought me in contact with two Zines.

Michael A. Tennant

Creative marketing strategist, writer, and empathy advocate reframing trauma as acts of resilience. Inventor of Actually Curious, the deep connection card game.

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